The Folding Theatre
Puppet Company

Storytelling is probably the oldest form of theatre in the world and puppetry grew naturally out of it. Imagine sitting in a cave listening to stories of how the world came to be with only the flickering fire light around you. It’s not difficult to see how the shadows on the walls could take on a life of their own.

The Folding Theatre Puppet Company was formed by Iain Halket in 1992. From the outset the company had strong ideas about what it wished to accomplish.

  1. To provide high quality entertainment for audiences of all ages (regardless of what age group a particular show was aimed at).

  1. For an audience to learn something during the course of a show. But without seeming to sermonise or overstate the ideas within the story. People learn best through enjoyment.

  2. To create shows using simple theatrical conventions to show that you need nothing flashy to tell a story with. And unlike magicians we have no qualms about explaining how things are accomplished.

  1. And finally, we wanted to enjoy ourselves while telling stories. Iain started young! At the age of five or six he was already telling his parents fantastical stories about imaginary animals. And they, being loving parents, indulged him!


So please feel free to wander around our site. You’ll find information on some of our passed productions as well as what is currently touring and what’s coming up soon.

“I didn’t imagine that I would grow up and become a puppeteer. I studied Set and Costume Design for theatre before I found my way into this unlikely profession. But I am glad that I did and I have had immense fun ‘waggling dollies’ for the enjoyment of others. Of course, there is a serious side to my work. Not only is the teaching of ideas important to me but also the education of others about what puppetry is. Often puppeteers are greeted by the phrase “oh! Is it Punch and Judy?” and most of us cringe! (Apologies to any Punch Professors reading this! I have the highest respect for Punch). That is often the only experience people have had of puppets – or so they think. But Puppets are all around us. They appear on television, in films and animation’s, as toys, cards and all sorts of wonderful things. There is so much that they can do for our enjoyment.”

Iain Halket